Ryan Kavanaugh Sues Adam Fields Over Memo Claiming Sexual Harassment

The two previous Relativity executives are secured fight, with Kavanaugh saying any assertion that he deceitfully made a notice blaming Fields for badgering ladies is "obviously false." 

Raising their legitimate standoff, Relativity Media organizer Ryan Kavanaugh has documented suit against previous organization co-president Adam Fields, who has claimed that Kavanaugh falsely made a notice in which seven ladies blamed Fields for inappropriate behavior. Kavanaugh's suit calls that claim "evidently false" and says that Kavanaugh has endured harms "in abundance of $50 million."

In an ongoing documenting with the U.S. Insolvency Court for the Southern District of New York, where Relativity is looking for endorsement to pitch the vast majority of its resources for Ultra V Holdings, Fields' lawyers described a before mediation amongst Fields and Relativity in which the lawyers said Fields was granted $8.44 million.

Kavanaugh's suit, recorded in Los Angeles Superior Court and asserting break of agreement, said that Fields' record was "deceiving, deficient and wrong" and that it had "ruptured the secrecy arrangements of the mediation."

Denying that Kavanaugh manufactured a notice blaming Fields for inappropriate behavior, the new claim asserts that Fields displayed an example of badgering conduct, that he was terminated from a Miramax film "for comparative conduct" and that Sony cut ties with him "for undisclosed reasons." It likewise charges that Fields "occupied with illicit medication utilize and demonstrated smut at Relativity's workplaces."

As a component of the suit, Kavanaugh says that in spite of the fact that he himself contributed "his very own huge number capital" in the organization, he worked for just $1 multi year at Relativity. The suit says that leaving liquidation, Kavanaugh was owed nearly $7 million as a cure, yet got under $3 million against that cure.

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