HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec Review

The HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec is unquestionably one of the coolest electric bicycles I've at any point had the joy to test ride. Prostrate bicycles offer various focal points without anyone else (solidness, streamlined proficiency, extraordinary requirements versatility) and these are additionally upgraded with the option of electric help. You can go further, diminish knee strain and maybe match riding speeds with a further developed cyclist companion. HP Velotechnik is a German organization that offers premium edges and embellishments that fulfill the most elevated EU guidelines (winning them acknowledgment at Eurobike 2012). The Scorpion FS specifically, is a full suspension outline that offers an increasingly agreeable ride. I'm an immense fanatic of suspension, particularly over long separations and at higher velocities… which the Scorpion FS was made for. the casing is perfect with a breeze faring for warmth in cold and wet riding conditions and comes standard with front and back bumpers, incorporated LED lights, regenerative braking, a back rack with 55 lb max load, USB charging port (for your convenient hardware or telephone), Bluetooth combination and an exceptional turn around mode for those minutes when your best cornering aptitudes just won't cut it. The majority of this is incredible however it's not in any case the best part! This thing is a speed pedelec meaning it can hit ~28 mph top speeds in the largest amounts of help. Riding at these higher speeds unquestionably eats into the battery however there as well, HP Velotechnik has discovered an answer… You can include a subsequent battery pack for twofold the range. Additionally, with 27 speeds, you ought to have no issue finding an open to accelerating rhythm and the drivetrain parts are first class, Shimano Deore XT, for decreased weight and improved solidness. The main minor issue I have about this ebike are the restricted accessibility in the US (as of this audit), the absence of throttle mode (not astonishing since this prostrate electric bicycle hails from Europe where throttles aren't permitted) and the justifiably more expensive rate point. This thing is premium, right around. It comes in two track sizes, two hues (or custom on the off chance that you pay extra), it offers two seat types (both customizable) and it even overlays for simpler vehicle. Great!

Driving the bicycle is an amazing however close quiet gearless direct drive center point engine from Go SwissDrive. It's a similar engine utilized with the observed Specialized Turbo electric bicycle. Center point engines are simpler on drivetrain segments (sprockets and chains) since they turn the wheel legitimately and freely from accelerating input. They do will in general make a back substantial stage however with the Scorpion FS S-Pedelec this weight improves footing and even out the blast and two 20″ front wheels. Incidentally, this bicycle is known as the FS 26 since it has a bigger 26″ back wheel. The bigger wheel traverses holes and makes a smoother ride, alongside the RockShox Monarch RL air suspension. Being suspended, the center engine expanded unsprung weight here however execution still felt incredible to me. Commonly when testing gearless engines I feel like they don't offer a similar torque and power at low speeds however the Go SwissDrive is a special case. It begins easily and keeps including power as far as possible up to ~28 mph where it delicately backs out… it's not jerky and I truly welcome that. When you've halted or turned and need to reposition the bicycle there's even an invert mode worked in. This is a magnificent expansion that is absent on most other prostrate electric bicycles I've looked into, it doesn't appear to be important on two-wheeled bicycles however is certainly convenient with a heavier stage like this gauging ~68 pounds. There is likewise a walk mode (moderate forward throttle) that can be initiated by pushing on the Plus catch for a few seconds.

Fueling the Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec is a couple of removable Lithium-particle battery packs. They mount to custom plates situated just beneath and behind the seat which shields them from the components and keeps weight very low and focus… and a bit towards the back. As referenced with the back situated engine weight, this improves wheel footing and equalizations the front blast and crankset. The batteries each offer 36 volts of intensity with 15.5 amp long stretches of limit, joined they offer more than 1 kilowatt hour which is on the huge side for an electric bicycle. In case you're intending to drive more than 40 miles for each day or go visiting, this could be a superb decision and in the lower levels of help it could get you 80+ miles. As indicated by this Gizmag article from 2013, CEO Paul Hollants clarified that a typical solicitation for HP Velotechnik electric bicycles has been expanded range and that a ton of proprietors essentially conveyed an extra battery in one of their panniers. The twofold battery mount arrangement accessible with the Scorpion FS was set up as an immediate reaction to this need and I think it looks and works great. As a snappy aside, the included charger is evaluated at 5 Amps which is significantly quicker than the 2 Amp chargers I normally observe. It just gauges ~1.2 pounds and is overly little so fixing off along your ride can likewise fundamentally increment extend. It would be truly cool to see a sun oriented charger incorporated with a bicycle like this sometime in the not so distant future… one bicycle could stream charge while the different gives control :D

Working this bicycle is truly simple once the battery or batteries are mounted and the power catch has been pushed on the catch cushion close to the presentation. There are many discretionary readouts incorporated with the showcase yet the essential menu stays straightforward and natural posting speed, battery level, evaluated range and help or regen mode. You have five degrees of help to browse here and the lower ones will monitor control by quickening all the more gradually and constraining top speed. There are two degrees of regen to look over and I adore that both brake switches enact the least degree of regen for the most ceasing force and vitality recovery. Such huge numbers of electric bicycles that can possibly regenerat vitality (utilizing a gearless direct drive center point) leave it behind and still others just offer it through a menu so they can utilize fancier brake switches or decrease multifaceted nature and wire mess… In my sentiment, HP Velotechnik has done it directly here by offering a full arrangement of regen choices. Anyway, I truly like the catch cushion and rapidly became accustomed to the in addition to and less catches since they are anything but difficult to reach and feel as you ride, even without looking down. When you need more data from the showcase there's a mode "box" kind of catch that changes to a full outing readout with max speed and vitality use, stopwatch, guest rundown and information stockpiling. It's more similar to a little PC than a basic presentation and the screen has been intended to be intelligible in splendid light and is likewise covered with hostile to glare.

All things being equal, I truly delighted in testing the HP Velotechnik Scorpion Full Suspension 26″ Speed Pedelec prostrate. I had at no other time considered purchasing a bicycle like this regardless of the increases in proficiency and ergonomics in huge part since they gave me a neck hurt while riding over knocks and splits. The full suspension configuration eased this for me and the customizable blast, seat and discretionary estimating choices truly prevailed upon me. This machine is finely tuned and made with very brilliant parts and materials. After test riding the bicycle and after that going on the web to gain more from the official website my gratefulness just developed. The HP Velotechnik prostrate bikes are planned and gathered in Germany and experience stringent audit and testing before being delivered out. With such huge numbers of versatile embellishments accessible, the alternative of a breeze faring and the subsequent battery pack I feel like this thing could oblige pretty much anybody with legs… and for the individuals who don't have legs or have outrageous physical needs, look at the Outrider Horizon which likewise offers full suspension and can be exclusively fabricated to suit quadriplegics and amputees. I adore the appearance of the Scorpion, the shading choices and the strong guarantee and longstanding notoriety of HP Velotechnik. I'd happily prescribe this bicycle to anybody with the craving for expanded speed, range and solace.


Very amazing, quick and calm center point engine from Go SwissDrive, a standout amongst the best center point engines I've tried (accessible on this and other premium ebikes), fit for ~28 mph top velocities

Regenerative braking decreases wear on brake cushions and recover vitality during decents, it's ~10% proficient, you could likewise utilize this element to prepare inside if the bicycle is arrangement on rollers

Bluetooth interface can caution approaching telephone calls and read visit information with the HP Velotechnik App, Powered 5 volt 1 Amp USB port can charge compact hardware

Notwithstanding a huge, shading, illuminated LCD show and Bluetooth similarity for use with advanced cells you additionally get a material catch cushion that controls help level, it's anything but difficult to reach and use without looking down at the showcase or grasping your hand off the correct hold

The Go SwissDrive is too calm, ground-breaking at low speeds (amazing for a gearless direct drive engine) and offers switch at 3 km/h (1.86 mph), this is extra advantageous on a prostrate where turning range may be not exactly some conventional two wheel ebikes

Prostrate trikes offer streamlined proficiency, adding panniers to the Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec is said to improve this and a subsequent battery pack is said to improve dependability and back wheel footing

Perfect with a complete line of uncommon needs extras including: Stand Up Aid, Hand Rest, Pedal with Heel Strap, Ergonomic Safety Pedal, Ergonomic Pedal with Lower Leg Fixation, Walking Aid Mount, One Hand Actuation for Drivetrain and Brakes, Ergomesh HS Plus Seat

Autonomous front wheel braking for improved cornering, open wheel mounts for simple and quick separation

Full suspension configuration includes comfort, particularly over long separations and riding at higher rates, it additionally handles freight all the more tenderly

Device free collapsing plan spares space during vehicle, the chain remains on and wraps utilizing guides, self locking pivots fit properly when unfurled

Units are collected in Kriftel, Germany and checked by the Technical University of Rüsselsheim for quality to meet EU guidelines

Speed pedelec equipped for higher top velocities ~28 mph (named a multilane vehicle under EU-law, may require an extraordinary permit)

Victor of the 2012 Eurobike grant for extraordinary quality, execution and inventive structure


While drifting or accelerating without engine control some effectiveness is lost due to cogging (the magnets inside the huge gearless center point repulse the staters and make drag) yet the framework recaptures a portion of this vitality at ~10% proficiency, it likewise includes regenerative braking

This is a standout amongst the most costly prostrate electric trikes I've tried and inspected… but at the same time it's unfathomably magnificent and flexible.

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